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The Metaverse for Business

Updated: Feb 9

Welcome to a new way to generate unlimited revenue for your business

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Nowadays, businesses are required to find creative ways to showcase their product, service or idea. While social media is continuously demanding from us to understand and adapt our marketing strategy to their needs, a new emerging trend is helping businesses (local stores, designers, artists, musicians, manufacturing companies and more) to create new ways of revenue in the virtual world by smart selling (data collection), training, host virtual events a more.

Virtual Experience (NFT Gallery) by GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp.

What we used to call Virtual Tours or Stores are now being transformed into a new whole idea by GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp. (Canadian Corporation) called Virtual Experiences due to the wide range services they can now offer to business.

What is a Virtual Experience

A Virtual Experience is a 3D model which can be digitally created or captured from a physical place (store, factory, outdoors, offices, apartments, events, art galleries, museums, hotels, workplace, etc.) and which can now used to add features such as E-Commerce (Shopping cart), Shopify ID integration, Smart Tags, Ticketing system, Interactive features (Music, Avatars, live Video chat, 3D objects), Interactive game, e-learning experience, Data Analytics (impressions, visits, views, clicks, heat map, device chart, average time and more), Google maps/views integration.

From Virtual twins to Virtual stores, 3D training modules, Custom Digital Spaces, Behind the scenes experiences (Artist) Gamming experiences and more. GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp., as the first North America company taking Virtual Tours to another level, has been creating unique Virtual Experiences for companies like Lobos, Billboard music awards, and more.

The Virtual Experience is all in one package deal

While digitalizing your physical space or creating a customized digital space to boots your sales or host an online event, you can track your customers/ clients/ audience's preference (clicks, heat map , etc.)

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