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Technology adoption post Covid-19

Updated: Feb 9

Adapting our lifestyle after Covid-19 has been a battle everyone is still fighting. And businesses around the world are not exempt from that.

CAMH Art Virtual Experience - 2022 by GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp.

From working from home arrangements to new laws and policies , Businesses have been adapting their strategy to compete in the market in the last two years. This is a constant struggle against the emerging changes.

Virtual Experiences are coming to save the day for Business

After Covid-19, the world has embraced technology as part of their day to day strategy for sales, employee communications, training and more. with the pass of time, the world has became less interested in the real world and, people is looking for an enhanced reality that allow them the freedom of doing what they love from the comfort of their home. From selling a service/ product to training , hosting events and more, the Virtual Experiences are here to stay.

What is a Virtual Experience

From Virtual twins to Virtual stores, 3D training modules, Custom Digital Spaces, Behind the scenes experiences (Artist) Gamming experiences and more.

Using the best technology in the market, a virtual experience can include the following features:

  • E-Commerce (Shopping cart)

  • Shopify ID integration

  • Smart Tags

  • Ticketing system

  • Interactive features (Music, Avatars, live Video chat, 3D objects)

  • Interactive game or an e-learning experience

  • Data Analytics (impressions, visits, views, clicks, heat map, device chart, average time and more)

  • Google maps/views integration

  • Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, VR friendly

User Examples (Mental Health field)

CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) in partnership with Workman Arts, has created a way to show their patients' arts, virtually, while helping them to create new ways of reviews.

During Covid-19, CAMH and Workman Arts, were facing a huge challenge due to the isolation government law in Canada. Every year before Covid-19 CAMH, used to host an event (Art Gallery exposition) to promote their patients' Art which they had to cancel before they met GDS.

GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp. is a digital content creator company that helped CAMH to find a new way to promote their patients' Art. By creating a Virtual Experience ( a Virtual Art Gallery ) CAMH and their patients were able to sell their work online in a non-conventional way.

"This is not a regular flat website, this is a Virtual Representation of a real space. which, enhances the visitors and customers experience" said Maria Gabriela Bello CO-CEO and CFO of GD Gabriel Di Sante Corp.

CAMH Results

"This is an entire experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing. Thank you so much! The participants are going to love it. This is beautiful, thank you so much for putting your time and effort into this. I am shocked!" said Raine Laurent-Eugène Membership and Hospital Programs Manager at Workman Arts.


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