About the drop

Status Libertatis


Is a collection from Gabriel Di Sante’s work trough is career as photographer in Toronto. Status libertatis (celebs) represents the versatility of Toronto as a city which is constantly visited by all kind of people and the effect that this amazing city make on them. Everyone love the vibe Toronto gives to people, so let us show you how happiness and good vibe can be contagious even to those with no so many public happy moments. This collection is full of iconic moments the city has witnessed. Moments that captured people like Lebron James, Ziggy Marley, Daniel Radcliffe and many others who felt the call of Toronto’s good vibe and are here (in this collection) to show you how to seize and enjoy precious moments in this great city.

Three different Tiers from each Celebrity:


➼Legendary: 1/1 unlockable content.


➼Rare 10/10.


➼Common: 20/20. 

Release Date: May 4th 2021

Time: 7:00pm 


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