Gabriel Di Sante is a professional photographer with more than 9 (nine) years of international experience, through those years, he has been learning photography techniques in real scenarios and workshops from the best  photographers of the world. Also published in magazines like Vogue Italia, Institute magazine, Dark beauty magazine and many more.

In accompany with his wife, they created GD Photography as way to provide their clients with a professional, committed and high quality services.  


​Our Core Values

  1. Quality control “Great just isn’t good enough”

  2. Responsibility

  3. Passion “we use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others”

  4. Integrity “You can success without doing evil”

  5. Entrepreneurial spirit

  6. Put others first

  7. Have FUN

  8. Treat others the way we’d like to be treated.

  9. Do More With Less