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GDS 3D Virtual Experience Strategy

let’s sit together to create solutions for your ideas, let’s show-case them in an enhance reality so you can enhance your audience.

This is a 100 % personalized service which will be unique and creative. If you are looking for uniqueness and amazing features that is us.

Space Designing

We can either scan your place, offer you a venue or customized and existent venue. Is always your call!

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Add Smart Tags

We can add a tag to anything you want from a product to any object you want to highlight from the tour. We can add videos, comments, product description, pictures, internal and external hyperlinks so, you can direct your audience to your website or even a shopping car where your audience can buy directly whatever they need.

Since this is a personalized service you can personalize the shape, colour, and image of your tag. Remember uniqueness is guaranteed.

Shopping Cart

Personalized your service and add a shopping cart to your 3D Virtual Experience, add a search bar and a personalize theme and colours so you match your brand personality.

Make it interactive!

Add Music, Gamming Experience, live video chat, VR Option, 4k HDR panoramic pictures, 3D Objects, Avatars and more…

Behaviour Analytics  

Predicting your audience behaviour can help you to launch your business to the next level. So, we are here to help you to achieve that.

Know how many visitors you have and which part of your tour your visitors visit the most (hot areas of your virtual experience). Check what is their favorite product or tag by knowing how many click you have on every tag and more

Check some examples here!

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